The Algonquin Art Centre features three distinct wings, where our visitors can enjoy a great variety of works ranging from wildlife paintings to embroidery and paper sculptures. We showcase both Canada’s most renowned and up and coming artists and offer our visitors a great range in style, medium, and subject matter.

2013 Art Exhibit: The Canadian Shield

2013 Art Exhibit The Canadian Shield

Every year, the Algonquin Art Centre organizes a new art exhibition that explores environmental themes through the perspective of Canada's leading landscape and wildlife artists. Building on the success of last year's exhibit, "Water", the Art Centre has developed their 2013 show by turning to one of Canada's most significant geological formations - The Canadian Shield.

"A major part of Algonquin Park's appeal is the rolling hills and the rocky outcrops that line the shores," says Joel Irwin, the marketing manager for the exhibit, "But what people don't realize is that the exposed rock they're seeing is among the oldest rock in the world and is part of what we call the Canadian Shield."

The Canadian Shield is a vast region of Precambrian rock that encircles Hudson Bay and covers more than half of Canada. Over 3.96 billion years old, the Shield contains the largest area of exposed Archaen rock in the world. Although it once had jagged, mountain-like peaks, millions of years of erosion have transformed these mountains into the rolling hills that distinguish the landscape today.

"The beauty of Algonquin Park is really the beauty of the Canadian Shield," says Joel, "which is why we decided to select the Shield as the theme for our 2013 exhibition. Audiences will not only enjoy artistic interpretations of the Shield from Canada's leading artists, but will also learn a great deal about the geological formation of the Park itself. This is a show that visitors will always remember."

The exhibit, "The Canadian Shield" will be on display everyday from June 1st until October 19th, from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 pm at the Algonquin Art Centre, located on km. 20 in Algonquin Provincial Park.

2012 Art Exhibit: Water

2012 Art Exhibit Water

The story of Algonquin Park is the story of water. Its terrain was sculpted by glacial retreats ten thousand years ago; ice spillways carved its channels, meltwaters its river systems and lakes. Through millennia, water forces shaped the rugged landscape, creating a place unlike any other on earth – Algonquin Park.

Our 2012 art exhibit celebrates the unique story of water in Algonquin, from its origins in the Park’s highlands to its oceanic destinations. The story is told through the perspective of Canada’s leading landscape and wildlife artists, whose works reveal the powerful and inspiring nature of water.

Watch an excerpt from "Algonquin" a landscape film about the waterways that flow out of Algonquin. This film was created as part of the Art Centre's 2012 exhibit, "Water".

Algonquin Art Centre

Director: Jeremy Munce
Cinematographers: Andrew Sheppard, Hugo Kitching
Producer: Joel Irwin

For more information about the film "Algonquin", please click here:

Water Art Exhibit

Loon Family
Brook Trout
Lake of Two Rivers
Gravel Falls

Ontario - Yours to Discover

The Water exhibit will be on display from June 1st to October 19th at the Algonquin Art Centre in Algonquin Provincial Park.

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